Information about acne medications prescribed by Zapped dermatologists

Zapped dermatologists can prescribe a variety of medication to treat acne. The type of the treatment will depend on the severity of the disease taking into consideration the physical and  emotional effect caused by acne. Below, some information about different topical and oral medications that can be used to treat acne.
Your dermatologist will discuss all available treatment options with you so you can both agree on the best treatment choices.

Topical medications

Different types of topical medications in the form of cream, gel or wash can be used to to treat acne. This can be as a stand alone treatment or as a combination with oral medications.


Oral antibiotics

Different types of oral antibiotics can be used to trat acne including Clindamycin, Erythromycin, Lymecycline and others. Treatment with antibiotics can be required for few weeks to achieve the required results

Hormonal therapies

Various type of hormonal therapies including combined oral contraceptive pill like Dianette, Yasmin and Microgynon can be prescribed to treat acne. All treatment options will be explained to you by your dermatologist so you can both agree on what is best for you.


Systemic Isotretinoin like Roaccutane

Oral Isotretinoins like Roaccutane are usually prescribed for severe forms of acne and when there is a risk of developing scarring. Our dermatologists can prescribe Roaccutane and arrange all the necessary tests required remotely

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