Zapped Packages

Roaccutane package

As part of our commitment to offering an affordable service to our patients, we put together a 6-month Roaccutane (Trade name for Isotretinoin) treatment package where the cost can be spread over 6-, 9-, or 12 months interest-fre.

Our packages include:

  • 5 Follow-up appointments.
  • 3 blood tests.
  • 6 Pregnancy tests (Females).
  • Medications (Isotretinoin) for 6 months regardless of the dose prescribed.
  • Flexible, interest-free payment plans (From £99 per month)

To book your consultation to discuss Roaccutane treatment with one of our dermatologists please email us at:

Roaccutane can only be prescribed at the discretion of the dermatologist when clinically indicated following a thorough assessment of your skin and general health.

Please note that the package cost is for a 6-month course which is the average length for Roaccutane treatment. Some patients might require a longer or shorter course and the price will be adjusted accordingly.