Zapped Packages

Roaccutane package

Roaccutane treatment, costs, and payment options:

1- Pay-as-you-go option:

where you would pay for each service as you receive it.

2- Simplified one monthly payment: £288 per month.

With our simplified payment plan, you'll make a single monthly payment of £288 for the duration of your treatment. For instance, if your treatment lasts for 5 months, you'll pay £288 every month for those 5 months.

This payment covers the following:

  • Consultations with a dermatologist
  • Blood tests (not required for all patients on a monthly basis)
  • Isotretinoin, regardless of the prescribed dose
  • Pregnancy tests (For female patients)

Please note: The monthly payment remains fixed and won't change based on the number of blood tests or the dose of Isotretinoin you receive.